About Southwest Data Solutions

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Southwest Data Solutions was founded in Waxahachie, Texas on June 1, 2004 for the purpose of creating and developing software to be used by property tax, appraisal, and voter registrar offices primarily in the State of Texas. The founders of the company are four individuals with work experience that bring technical and in depth experience to the business relationship.

Company Founders:

Scott Whitehead President, Director of Development Seventeen years experience in tax and appraisal software development and design. Designed and developed three complete appraisal systems and two tax collection systems for use in the State of Texas. These systems were successfully installed and implemented in more than thirty counties within the state of Texas.

Jerry Whitehead Director of Sales & Marketing Forty years of computer programming, management and systems development with the last twenty-eight years being directly involved in the tax and appraisal business in the State of Texas.  Jerry was instrumental in the development of the first online Tax Collections and Appraisal system used by Texas counties.  His knowlege and experience in this local government arena is unmatched.

Scott McBride  Secretary/Treasurer, Director of Operations Twelve years experience in tax and appraisal programming with emphasis on reports design, implementation and statistical analysis.  Responsibilities include management of customer support. Three years experience in project management in the commercial real estate field.

Scotty Moore Director of Systems Implementation Thirteen years experience in tax and appraisal programming, database management and customer relations.  Hardware configuration and implementation experience in more than seventy five site installations.